About TBA

Who are Teaching Blog Addicts? We are an international community of teachers, home educators, parents, mentors, and tutors. We love teaching and want our children to love learning. TBA provides bloggers and readers direct access to fabulous teaching blogs that are filled with creative teaching tips and fun educational resources. You will become hooked- it's guaranteed!

It usually begins when your housework is done and the kids are in bed. You get on the computer for a quick search for some new writing prompts. You happen to find a great blog that has creative writing prompts. You search around it, add it to your favorites, and soon notice a post on a unique art project that leads to another blog. You follow that link to a new blog and off you go, clicking through to another blog and so on.

You rub your eyes to see if you are dreaming and look at the clock. You realize a couple of hours have passed by. What! It only felt like a couple of minutes. You don't care. You haven't seen excellent ideas like these since you were in college. You continue to read entire blogs about teachers and parents you've never met before, yet you feel like you've known them forever.

Days have passed and you have downloaded, bookmarked, shared with others, became a follower, posted numerous comments, and made multiple trips to the store for ink and paper. You feel like you've won the teaching lotto with all the printables you've acquired, and now you need to figure out where to store your priceless treasures.

In a very short period of time, you became addicted to teaching blogs. Now what do you do? Unite with others to fuel the addiction (I mean passion).