Hi! I'm Tamara and I'm a blog-a-holic.

I have been blogging for three years now, just a few posts per month- no big deal. But lately, I can't stop writing posts and reading other blogs. I recently found an abundance of creative teaching blogs and I am hooked!

Here are some of my symptoms:

I sacrifice sleep to blog. And when I do sleep, I actually dream about blogging. For real!

I forget to eat when blogging. That has never ever happened to me before! I love food!

I have become fascinated with statistics. Even though I do not comprehend what a feedburner is or what a widget really does, I pretend to understand these technical terms while I study and analyze my statistics every morning. So weird I tell you.

If I have a comment in my inbox, it makes my day. If I don't have any comments, I wonder what I did wrong.

This Sunday morning I added a follower's gadget, and I seriously thought about submitting a prayer request at church for followers. I wish I was kidding.

I have become a blog-stalker. I have to browse several blogs at least once a day for a "find." It is like treasure hunting to me!

Even worse, I am an "undercover" blog-stalker. I enter a certain blog (codename W.T.T.W.) and then click on all the posts on their blog lists like I am a secret spy. Why? These crazy habits I have make absolutely no sense.

I need to rework my family's budget to compensate for all the ink and cardstock I've used on printing all the treasures I found while spying.

I desperately want to think of more topics to blog about just so I can have at least ten more templates designed by Ladybug. They are just too cute! There must be something I can do with them!

I can't wait for the kids to take a snack break so I can blog. I can't wait for the kids to take a bath so I can blog. I can't wait until the kids go to sleep so I can blog. Do you see the pattern?

When my husband walks into the office, I sometimes quickly close the screen and act like I am working on homeschool lesson plans. He knows me too well and says, "You're blogging again, aren't you?" My reply, "Well...uh...I was just...okay...yes...I was."

I do not care if the laundry is stacked several feet high. It will actually make a good measurement lesson. How much laundry can 7 people accumulate in a week? We could even graph the data each day. Hmmmm. I see another post coming on.

Which leads me to my last symptom. My list of future posts has grown exponentially. If I get time to write all of the posts I have envisioned before the second coming of Jesus, it will be a miracle.

Because of all the comments I received on this post at my site www.TeachingwithTLC.com, I realized I was not alone and TEACHING BLOG ADDICT was born.

   CLICK HERE to see what I'm doing when I'm not blogging.


  1. I suffer from all of the following side affects!!! hahahahaha


  2. I suffer from a lot of these! Too funny!

    The Silver Lining

  3. My name is Ms. M & I am a Teacher Blog Addict. At this very moment I should be preparing food and well, I am online blogstalking. :)

    I do have my own blog, two actually. My first baby & where I share ideas from teaching Kinder & 1st grade ELL, www.msk1ell.blogspot, and my new creation, www.ateachersplan.blogspot.com, where I sell & share custom & premade lesson plan templates for teachers.

    I follow over 100+ blogs and am now a follower of TBA too. :)

    Ms. M

  4. Wow Ms. M! I think you should be the queen of TBA! I am bowing down to you as I type this.


  5. I name you SUPERWOMEN! 5 kids- I don't know how you do it all but I am glad you do!!! Love TBA.
    Fab in First

  6. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    Hi there! I just now visited your blog after seeing your botton on several other blogs. WOW! What a great resource! I love the laundry "symptom!" I started laughing because I can no longer go anywhere, look at anything...without thinking about how to incorporate it into a lesson or teachable moment!!!

  7. LA-HOVE this site! Thank you! Thank you! I also am clearly an addict since I have many of the same symptoms. Blogging dreams, neglected housework, and sneaking blogging from my husband (he just doesn't get it!). We've actually had to ban my laptop from movie date night. How pathetic is that!?! Thanks again for creating this site!

  8. I'm stepping forward and admitting my addiction. Isn't that the 1st step? It is Fall Break and I'm on the computer blogging at 1am while my family sleeps. Sad??? No, I have great ideas that I want to try when we get back to school! Thank you for feeding my addiction!


  9. Welcome Andrea, I haven't had my fall break yet, but I'm waiting and planning to read anything I've missed! Not sad at all. Welcome to TBA!
    - Leslie


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