My long i idea!

Today I had this great idea for a crafty spelling project in class. We use Journey's curriculum and our story this week is Frog and Toad Fly a Kite. Our spelling words are long i words spelled with igh, y, and ie. So we made a kite sorted our words into each section of the kite. The last section has "Words to Know," which are our sight words this week. We also brainstormed other words that that followed our spelling pattern. Those words were written in colored pencil on their kites.

Students cut out four bows and wrote "long i sound" on the first bow followed by bows with "y," "ie," and "igh" written on them. 

I taped yarn to the back and taped their bows to the yarn as well. (I've decided liquid glue is the enemy)

Love it when I can think of a great idea and it ACTUALLY works!



  1. LOVE that idea! We also use Journeys, we are on The Dot (Lesson 26) this your first year using this adoption?

  2. Yes! And we love it and I think The Dot was my favorite! I'm putting together the whole year of spelling lists and training teachers on Think Central this summer. Email me and we'll talk!


Thank you!