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  • You have dreams of blogging.
  • You think "I can stop anytime... but why would I?"
  • You feel your blogfriends understand you better than your other friends.
  • You have been late somewhere because you just had to publish that great blog idea that you thought of while getting ready to leave.
  • Your lunch hour has become your blog hour.
  • Within a few minutes of meeting someone new, you ask them if they blog.
  • You check your analytics everyday.
  • You throw yourself a party when you hit 100 subscribers.
  • You have a secret fear that if your blog was accidentally deleted, it could be the worst moment of your entire life.
  • You ask your significant other if your blog makes your butt look big.
  • You fantasize about starting a teaching blog convention. How cool would that be?
and drum roll please......
  • You are most definitely a teaching blog addict if you blog about blogging so you can comment about blogging with your blogging buddies.

If you share some of these symptoms, you are an honorary member of Teaching Blog Addict.