Kidzmet: a Student Screening Tool

Kidzmet: a Student Screening Tool
by: Erin Klein

Synopsis of Site:
Imagine being able to select the perfect teacher, or mentor, for your child... now you can - with Kidzmet!

Kidzmet is like eHarmony for teachers and students. They help both schools/programs and parents determine the most compatible teacher(s) for a student in a certain subject based on personality type, learning style and interests/strengths.

Getting connected is as simple as 1, 2, 3: 
First, simply sign up for a free family account and complete your Pairing Portrait.
Next, you will get monthly newsletter suggestions of activities and approaches that fit your child's personality and learning style.
Finally, assess the compatibility of local tutors, teachers or coaches with your child before you enroll in their programs.

Connecting to your Classroom:
As a teacher, I'm often asked by parents for recommendations to help their child in various areas.  Oftentimes, the requested support extends beyond the school into extra-curricular activities and fine arts.  With Kidzmet, I can confidently recommend highly-qualified mentors that are guaranteed to be a wonderful match to meet their child's individual needs.

As I begin preparing for next year, I'm excited to include the Kidzmet information in my beginning of the year "Welcome Packet" that students receive.  This way, parents can take advantage of potential summer support for their kids along with having a fantastic resource for the upcoming year.

Additionally, you can link to their website from your classroom site or blog.  I'm sure parents will be thankful for the resource you've shared.

Kidzmet is a treasure helping to connect your community with your classroom and the students you love.  Working together, everyone achieves more... especially with the custom matching Kidzmet provides.

For Further Information:
Please contact Kidzmet founder, Jen Lilienstein:

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  1. Our school matches students and their teachers. How could i use this when I don't have any say in my students that I get? Please advise. Ann ***You did not mention that this costs teachers $9.99 a year. Does it cost parents, too?


Thank you!