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I am re-reading through my CAFE book in preparation for this upcoming school year and for the life of me I can't figure out what "touch points" are? The Sisters talk about them frequently but they aren't in the index. I can see them on several forms in the appendix as well but just can't seem to wrap my head around the idea.....any help???


  1. Basically they are things you want to "touch" on- like things you noticed and want to re-teach :)


  2. I emailed the sisters last year to find out what touchpoints are. Basically, it means your teaching point, the main idea you are trying to teach them. An example would be, getting ready to say the first letter. If they observe the child and see them doing the desired behavior, they put a check mark next to the student's name. If they see the behavior 4 or 5 times they move to the next touchpoint. Hope that helps a little.

  3. Yeah, that's how I understood it too. Touchpoints are the times that the child uses the practiced strategy. So if you were working on back up and re-read, everytime they do that in the next few meeting you can either count and write a number or you can make a checkmark. It help to record progress.


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  4. I'm so glad that someone else asked this question! I had forgotten about this phrase but, once I saw the question posted, I remembered how much I wanted to know too! Thanks for asking and thanks for all the answers!



Thank you!