Daily Fix-It's- FREEBIE!

I've created a massive 50-pager, and I hope it will be useful to any followers who may happen to teach third grade with the Reading Street curriculum!   {The packet covers unit one.}  Actually, I really think this file could benefit ANY students who need more practice with sight words, handwriting, conventions, or grammar.  {Note: Each page has two errors that need to be edited.}  I really don't think it's limited to Reading Street users, it's just really correlated with that program.  So, feel free to check it out to see if it will be useful in your classroom!  It's free, so there's no worries, right?  Click on the photo to read more, and find out how to snag a FREE copy for your own classroom!


  1. Love, love, love this! I teach 1st grade but I can use the idea for our daily fix it! Thanks so much for sharing! Could you be share where you got the border at the bottom of it? I've been searching forever!

  2. Thank you so very much for the wonderful freebie. I really appreciate you sharing all of your hard work with us. :D



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