Just in Time for Back to School: Kidzmet

Kidzmet: a Student Screening Tool

How would you like to get to know your students better - perhaps even before you meet?  You'll be so amazed how your lesson planning can be enhanced!


With Kidzmet of course! 
Kidzmet's Student Snapshots help teachers, tutors, and coaches get a clearer picture of how each student's personality type, multiple intelligence preferences and predominant cognitive style shape the way they learn best. All of the great services are NOW available for just $9.99! At such a low price, you should jump right over to sign up and see what the buzz is all about... you'll be glad you did! Your parents and kids will appreciate the service so much!  Click Here to get started or Click Here to visit the site and see for yourself how great Kidzmet can be for your classroom!

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  1. We just launched the ability for teachers to hide their fit types from browsing families.

    So if teachers have been concerned about this aspect of Kidzmet in the past, worry no longer! :)


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