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Why has teaching blogs made such a big difference for these teachers?

"Blogging has allowed me to connect with and form friendships with other professionals from around the world. I have a new excitement about teaching! It's like a 24-hour professional development conference in my living room - and I don't even have to change out of my sweats!"
Charity Preston - The Organized Classroom

"Blogging has completely changed my life as a teacher! Now when I create items for my classroom, I don't just think about my 34 students, but all of the hundreds of students who will benefit from my work around the world!"
Hadar Maor - Miss Kindergarten

And there are so many more of us out there who have a blog and are excited to meet up and learn from some of the best bloggers! Many of us just want a few tips on the hows, whens, whys (and help!) of blogging too - there is something for everyone at the Teaching Blog Expo.

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