A $30.00 FREEBIE from a rocket scientist!

I am thrilled to come home and find in my email an incredible FREEBIE for TBA members from a rocket scientist!

Aurora Lipper is a NASA rocket scientist, university professor, pilot, and mother. She is dedicated to making science intriguing and fun for children. Aurora has developed science curriculum, Supercharged Science, for schools and homeschoolers.

I have used Aurora Lipper's science curriculum,  Supercharged Science, for the past few years and she has a gift of getting children absolutely hooked on science. Even in the summer months, my kids are completing her projects. I just love it when my kids are learning for fun!

In her freebie for TBA, she is offering a complete mini-science learning series, including a printable workbook with videos explaining the lessons. This is regularly priced $30.00! {CLICK HERE} to instantly access your TBA freebie from Supercharged Science.


{CLICK HERE} to read Heidi's interview with Aurora.


  1. How cool! I'm going to tell my principal about her site. We have had some struggles with science in the upper grades. Thanks Tamara!

  2. I have used this program and have written a complete review on my site along with an interview with Aurora too.


Thank you!