An Easy Home/School Communication Tip

Yesterday I walked around my classroom with a huge smile as I listened to my students' exclamations of how awesome today's science was.  They were breaking apart their mock rocks in our Earth Materials science unit.  They wanted to know if they could do this everyday, if they could take the pieces home and made many discoveries of what was in their rock.  "See Ms. M, look at what I found in my rock!"  As I bent down and squinted my eyes at the microscopic bit of shell they found.  It was treasure to them.

They worked hard at separating their rocks for nearly an hour.  They were so intent on this project that I grabbed my camera and started taking shots as I walked by each student.  I was able to capture a lot of great moments.

Last night I decided to email parents the picture of their child.  Then it occurred to me, this picture could serve as a great home school connection.  I sent a very quick, simple email that just stated...

"I thought you would like this picture that I took during science today.  Ask your "insert name" what he/she was investigating today!"

Instead of me writing the parents to explain what we were learning, I put the power back into the students' hands.  They now have a visual reminder of what they were doing that day. 

This is going to help change that forever statement, "What did you do in school today?"





  2. We do rocks in science too. Would you post about how to make rock rocks please? I'd love to do it with my class.

    2B Honey Bunch


Thank you!