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Have you ever written a paper?  Have your students ever written a paper?  What about your own children?

As an educator, I find that I often need to reflect upon own education to find solutions for my own students.  Growing up, I was very interested in writing, law, and debate.  Before I started college, I actually wanted to be a lawyer.  To prepare myself for a pre-law education, I took on as many college preparatory writing courses as I could. 

As I worked through those courses, one of the things still remains fresh in my memory today is the massive amount of citing and bibliography work that needed to be done.  I would often find a great quote, but be unable to use it because I couldn’t find the true source.  I knew other students that would simply throw a random publisher or version number into their bibliography because they couldn’t find correct information.  MLA, APA, italics, indented, what did it all mean?  I had a desk reference sheet just to write my citations pages.  On some occasions, the reference page would take an hour, when the paper only took two hours. 

Meanwhile, isn’t the point of source citing to properly give credit to the original source?  We have students spending hours determining where to put there indentation, what to italicize, looking up the publisher, sorting through old library books for release years and information.  Then the internet is born.  All of these fantastic sources but the whole citing system becomes ten times more confusing. 

Fast forward to today.  Students are incorrectly citing works, purposely choosing to not use a source because they can’t figure out how to cite it, and basically pulling their hair out over a very small yet very significant piece their assignments.  The purpose of properly citing work (to give proper credit) has been lost on the physical actions behind doing it.

How do we fix this?

Along comes Easy Bib.

As a teacher, I'm always taking courses.  Most courses require research or written reflections.  EasyBib has not only helped my students, but it has also helped me within my profession, too.

I first found out about EasyBib through the free iPhone and iPad App.  I must admit that I was hesitant... there was no way that I could simply point my phone at the bar code on a book and it would instantly pop up the citation.  I figured since it was free, it wouldn't hurt to see if it would work or not.  

That night,  I must have text a few dozen friends sharing the magic of this career changing app!  I knew my life would be changed.  I know that it sounds silly, but if you've ever written a thesis or comprehensive research piece, you will empathize.  I knew if I was feeling this way, my students must learn about this great new app as well.  Those that may think that I still need to teach the importance of proper citation... I would just like to mention that I also no longer walk my students to the center of the library to explore the card catalog - we use web based search tools.  I also use a GPS instead of an atlas when traveling.

I firmly believe in assessing on the objective or task at hand.  For me, I'm most concerned with the content and depth of the writing itself.  I do still provide my students with current citation reference guides to double check their work... for I also believe that multiple exposures to learning is key.

Here is how it works:
(if you have a Smart Phone, click here, and get the FREE app to try)

So, Let Me Get This Straight...

I download the app for free
Once downloaded, I click on the app
Take a picture of the bar code of any book
Then, the APA Citation automatically pops up?
and... if I want MLA or Chicago style, I just select that button?
The more books I snap pics of their bar codes, the list for my bibliography grows
EasyBib automatically alphabetizes my list
...and I can email the list to myself when done?

What if I don't have the physical book to scan the bar-code?

I just enter the ISBN number.  First, I Google my book and get the information for the ISBN.  You can also enter websites, journals, etc...

Make your Research Social:

Over the past 10 years they've collected the citations from all of their users.

Their new tool makes all those citations searchable and allows you to see how many times a source has been cited. You can also filter by source type.  Click Here to try it out.

EasyBib is also compatible with Google Docs:

They added a "Paper" link in your projects page as well. So when you're on the page you can click the link, be taken to your Google Docs, and then associate that bibliography with a paper you've already written. This adds to the other Google integrations they already have (you can add EasyBib as a Google App and you can export your bibliography to Google Docs).

EasyBib is always being Updated:

Finally, on the homepage at the top right-hand corner, you'll see a counter. That's our Realtime Feed. It displays the citations that are being created on EasyBib at this very moment. It's very cool to see how often people are citing things.  Click Here to check out their blog - it's worth the bookmark!

Additional WOW Features:

EasyBib Notebook - a Scaffolded and Organized Teaching Tool for Users
making research make sense...

EasyBib is so much more than a streamlined approach for research.  
It's a teaching tool too!

Click Here to check out their Free eBook, "Visual Guide to Citations."

How do you get started?

Click Here to get the EasyBib App

Click Here to Sign Up for your Free Account 
(or sign in with other popular site accounts like Facebook)

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