Fall Art Projects

Oh, how I miss the fall when I lived in Tennessee! Living in SWFL, there is not a change in seasons- just summer year round most of the time. Last year, I missed it so much that I watched the leaves change colors every day through the live web cams they have around Knoxville near our previous home. My kids loved it! They felt like they were really a part of the fall season there even though they did not get to rake any leaves (they enjoy doing that). But we will be visiting TN this year for fall and I am thrilled. I can't wait to see those beautiful leaves again! Hop on over to my TLC blog to see some fall projects that I like doing with my kids.



  1. I teach in Knoxville and am so thrilled you're going to be able to visit, as they have already started to turn just a little...I'm sure in the Smokey Mtns, there is more, but I love this time of year. I lived in Houston before (NO SEASONS, lol..except HOT and HOTTER) and never tire of the sight of beautiful leaves...enjoy your time here!

  2. I love Fall, too! The leaves are just starting to change high up in the mountains out here in Utah. I love these art projects!! Feel free to put them on my Fall Linky Party on teachingfirst-abc.blogspot.com!


Thank you!