Guest Blogger: Ms. Kerri

So I know it's only September and how could I already be tired of my websites I use in class, but I am. I need a little variety or spice in my life. So I figured my wonderful blogging friends out there could help with this dilemma. This is what I love about teaching blogs, there is always a new idea to try. So, I'm having a linky party to get some new websites to use with my kiddos. 

Blog about your favorite website resources to use with your students in the primary grades (pre k - 3). Link up to the party by including your direct link to that post and not your general blog.
My favorite websites to use the classroom are:

  •  (I haven't actually tried this one out much. I'm still exploring but it looks pretty good.)
These are some of my favorites. What are yours? Link up and join the party!
As people link up over the next 10 days, I'm going to compile a list of the website resources provided and hopefully publish it to my blog at a later time.

I'm so excited that TBA is helping me with this venture. I tried to explain my excitement to my boyfriend but I'm not sure he understood. But he tried.

Guest Blogger

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