Guided Reading Organization

Do your primary grades teach reading through guided reading? If you're anything like me then learning how to do it is a real process. I'm now on the other side of the fence having a few years under my belt and love teaching using such a format.

Confession? I said going into college that I never wanted to teach first grade, because I didn't want the responsibility of teaching kids how to read. Well, now teaching the new first grade, (ahem) I mean, kindergarten, I do enjoy the entire process and watching their little minds figure it out. And as much as I've learned and "taught" kids how to read, I still think its a mystery how their little brains actually learn to do it.

The point? Since I love taking on organization as a challenge and a personal style, I'd love to share how I organize my guided reading binder that has made this more effective for me, so that I can focus on the really magic that is happening before my eyes during guided reading and not shuffling papers, calculators or gear.

Head on over to KindergartenWorks to see how organization has improved my teaching, allowing me to focus on my kinders' needs.

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