Have you ever had a student teacher? Do you remember being a student teacher?

I just found out I am hosting a student-teacher in my classroom starting on the first day of school and I would LOVE some advice.

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  1. I was a student-teacher not too long ago (this is my fourth year teaching) and had an AMAZING mentor.

    The best part is that she truly gave me freedom to do what I wanted.
    She let me learn through trial & error, change the desks around, and prepare the lessons my way. She listened to my ideas and was open to everything I suggested. That was more valuable than anything!

    I loved watching her teach, and learned many great PBIS classroom management techniques. I still do many of the activities she did in her classroom.

    Good Luck & Have fun!

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. This is my first year teaching so I was a student teacher a very short time ago! My mentor (we call them clinical teachers where I'm from) had me involved in every part of the classroom-from teaching, to participating in parent-teacher conferences, and even calling the students' names on stage during awards day (yikes!). It was definitely a challenge, but I can also say that I feel so much more prepared than some of the other first-years that I'm working with right now!

  3. I finished my student teaching about a year ago and was very blessed with two amazing cooperating teachers!! I learned so much from each of them. I agree with Mrs. Zrihen completely. It is so beneficial when student teachers are given freedom!! Having this freedom allowed me to learn so much. One of things that I really enjoyed was when my Cooperating Teacher would leave the room. This showed me that she trusted me and also gave me a feel of what it is like being "the" teacher.

    Observe your student teacher and give them feedback often. This is so helpful for ST especially in preparation for supervisor observations. Hope this helps!! If you want anymore suggestions let me know!! I would be happy to email you!!

    Miss J @ smilescrayonsandendlessstories.blogspot.com

  4. Getting my second student teacher this year. The first experience was not great and I could not recommend for teaching. Fingers crossed for this one! Starting to get stuff together. She comes in October. I am sure I am more nervous that she is!


  5. I have just had two great student teachers who were just setting out on their teaching journey. They came for a week and had to take a small group lesson and a whole class lesson. Both of them were a great help across the whole week and I was lucky to have two pro-active students in my class who made the most of their first opportunity in a classroom.
    I have been teaching for more than 30 years and have had dozens of student teachers mostly really terrific - I think I have only failed one and asked one other to look at why they chose teaching.
    My best advice is to do what you usually do - be the great teacher you are and the student teacher will hopefully take advantage of the opportunity to be in your room!

  6. My advice may seem rather simple: welcome the teacher warmly. Years ago, I had a wonderful mentor teacher, but another student teacher that was at the same school as I did not. Her teacher did not want her there and did not want to give up control of her classroom. My mentor teacher actually took her under her wing so the semester wasn't a total waste.

  7. I have had 3 and never again. I did not have good experiences. They were not prepared to take over the classroom completely and it ended up being more work for me. I helped and guided them as much as I could but the last two depended on me to give them all the ideas and plan their lessons for them too. When I interned many many years ago, my cooperating teacher left me alone in the classroom all day. I did everything 100%. I'm not sure if the colleges are preparing them enough for the classroom these days.

  8. Thank you all for these great suggestions and comments! I am excited to see how things go for sure!
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