Guided Math in Kindergarten

Since beginning guided math this year in my classroom I have some reflections to share on how the process is going. Timing, value, prep and activities...

Let me start off by sharing that guided math is proving to stretch me - but in good ways! Our first week being in a rotation style was rough, and the second week was better once I understood what my role looked like.

Are there any downsides? It is a lot of planning and prep and materials, but so far... I'm not backing down! Perhaps I'll learn a ton that will make rolling it out next year easier on me and the kiddos. But I'm having fun I'm am making materials to meet their needs. Here is a set of sorting mats that I just used in small groups recently. We first only used pattern block shapes and sorted by shape and talked about the concept of organizing. Then we moved into sorting other objects in pairs and choosing how we sort before trying it independently. I sing while they are working to help them learn to label how they are sorting and they are picking up on these labels quicker than I thought. Why didn't I ever use picture labels before for these categories? I've always just relied on the oral "size, color, shape" before. Um, hello!

This activity helps us practice and master Common Core Standards:
  • K.MD.3.a - Classify objects into given categories such as size, shape, color, thickness.
  • K.MD.3.b - Count the number of objects (10 or less) in each category.
Come on over to read about how I differentiate this activity!


  1. Thank you for sharing this post! Love the positive thoughts! :)
    And Love the freebies! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. I do it in fourth grade, and it makes all the difference in the world. I'm not sure how I ever taught math before.

  3. So glad Cheryl - thanks!

    Jennifer, I'm glad to hear how it works for others - it helps
    remind me some more that its the right thing to do!

  4. These are great math help activities for your kinders! I totally understand how you feel about making sure that all your students in different levels are still engaged with your lessons. I think that with the variety of activities that you are doing, you will see great results! Thanks for sharing your lesson ideas :)
    ---Have a great week, K.B

  5. Never heard of that Kailyn - thanks for sharing! Do you use it?
    - Leslie


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