I confess, I have issues with patience.

Science Week

I apologize for my impatience. I am just too excited to get this party started, and I know I will not be able to post until late tomorrow night. The scheduled post option on Blogger does not like me much and rarely works for me so I am just going to post a little early. (It is Monday already in some parts of the world, right?)

Here are my two ABSOLUTE FAVORITE science books for teaching children.
Play and Find Out about the Human Body by Janice VanCleave is just plain awesome!  It has wonderful experiments that are simple and FUN for preschoolers to elementary-age children.

If I had to purchase only one book to use in science ever, this would be the one (and after 20 years of teaching, I have purchased quite a few). It's not Magic, It's Science! by Hope Buttitta teaches science in an entertaining and engaging way that makes concepts stick for elementary children (and even middle schoolers). I just love this book!

Enjoy Science Week!

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  1. So fun! That Janice VanCleave book is one that I own too and it's an absolute favorite. (My little guys love the 'pucker' experiment where you find out why your skin wrinkles when it gets wet.)


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