Attention all Reading Teachers K-2...

If you only get one new tool this year, it should be ESGI!

Do you teach Pre-K - 2nd Grade?  If so, ESGI is for YOU!  

Guided Reading Made Simple:

As a second grade teacher myself, I'm often assessing my students to guide my instruction.  I've used Rigby, M.L.P.P, DRA, Accellerated Reader, NWEA, LLI, AIMSweb, QRI, Fountas and Pinnell, and more.  I found myself creating massive spreadsheets either by hand or on the computer to track growth from beginning, middle, and end of the year - even every two weeks for those I had to progress monitor.  I can't believe I wasn't using ESGI sooner.  

Your Students will Love it, You'll be Glad you tried it, and Your Parents will Thank You!

I think you'll be surprised by the fun way ESGI assesses - so quickly... so you can spend more time actually teaching.  Additionally, there is no need to enter data... the software saves the student's assessment and does it for you.  It also offers teachers the information for you to know how each child is doing along with how your whole class is preforming so that re-teaching is simple.  Lastly, the parent letters are so specific in sharing exactly what letter or blend or such their child needs to practice.  There are even flashcards they can print!  I think the best way to see how amazing this tool truly is... is to simply sign up for your free account for 60 days.  If you're like me, you will get so excited about sharing it with all of your teacher friends.  They'll thank you!

About ESGI:

ESGI was created by a Kindergarten teacher, not a company trying to sell a product.  Greg, the developer and former K teacher, created this tool for his own classroom use.  Once others began seeing how effective preparing, planning, assessing, and communicating was becoming for Greg, they wanted the tool, too.  

Now, Greg has launched ESGI and has been helping teachers since 2006, and he has thousands of users in over 47 states.  He also has over 12,000 loyal newsletter subscribers.  
The best part is, you can test ESGI Free for 60 days to see how you like it!

A Special offer for TBA Readers!!

ESGI has also partnered with Teaching Blog Addict fans to offer 3 lucky readers a Free Full Year Subscription.  What a fantastic and generous opportunity!  To enter, simply be a fan on their Facebook page to see when the 3 winners will be announced.  The winners will only be posted on their Facebook page, so become a fan and enjoy the great primary perks!  All of the fans who 'like' their page will be entered and randomly selected on Sunday, October 9, 2011.  So hop right over and like their page!

Very Important... in order for your account to be upgraded to a Free Full Year Subscription, you must first Click Here and register for a free 60 day trial.  You'll love how simple and useful it is!

So get started now and wow yourself and your colleagues!

5 High Fives:

  1. I can attest to the benefit and ease of use of ESGI! We've been using it for three years in our kindergarten building, and we love it! :)

  2. I have never heard of ESGI! I can't wait to check it all out. ANYTHING to make life easier sounds WONDERFUL right now!! Thanks for sharing this!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  3. I just logged in for my sixty days...would like to use it with my RTI kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am already using the free trial account. Will I still be able to win a membership?


  5. I liked and already set up my account and have a trial subscription,,,,anything else I need to do to "win" a free year subscription,, just let me know :)


Thank you!