Imagine Earning Money for your Students while you Shop! Now you can with!

Do you like to shop?  How about a $1,000 Shopping Spree?  
or Free Cash Back for your School Club?

Here is an interesting opportunity for our 

Teaching Blog Addict and Kleinspiration readers today...

What is zuuzs?

zuuzs ( is known as the place where friends meet - to shop, share, and earn.  As a member of the zuuzs community, you can earn cash back on your purchases, as well as getting cash back from the purchases you're friends make (as long as you refered those friends).  It works at over 500 retailers, including some of my personal favorites: Target, Walgreens, Expedia, and many others.  It’s like one of those little keychain club cards, but online, and for more than one store—pretty cool, right?

How Can zuuzs Help my School or Classroom?

So you may ask, why is this post here, and not on an extreme couponing site?  That’s because zuuzs has recently created a School Booster program, for bands, teams, groups, clubs, etc., in which the Booster program can invite families and friends to join zuuzs and the Booster program will get the cash bonuses.  Think about the possibilities here!  You could cut back on the car washes and bake sales that take up so much of both the parent and student’s time.  We all shop online now.  With the holidays coming up, you could do a lot of work for your student’s group just by buying them Christmas presents.  That’s double the good parenting, right?  This is simply a couple of extra mouse clicks to bring the bonus back to your school organization.  To get this set up for your school, contact Amrit at: 

I Can WIN $1,000?!?  How???

Additionally, zuuzs is currently giving away a $1000 shopping spree (visit  for details on the spree by clicking here).  You can sign up for zuuzs as one of our followers by clicking here!
Good luck in the spreestakes, and happy shopping!

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