Math Mammoth Subtraction 1 book & free samples


I wanted to share with you some free sample worksheets (PDF) from my BOOK Math Mammoth Subtraction 1:

Subtraction Is Taking Away
Subtraction and Addition in the Same Picture
Fact Families
Addition and Subtraction Facts with 6

Just download & use them with your students!

You can also check out the contents.

This is a COMPLETE book with instruction and exercises, and it is designed to be a stand-alone math book, and can replace your math curriculum for these topics.

It covers topics related to subtraction within 0-10, such as counting down, missing addends, difference, the connection between subtraction and addition, and fact families, and has 90 pages (including the answers).

The lessons in the book named "Addition and Subtraction Facts with ..." aim at helping the child to memorize the basic facts with the help of fact families.

More info here!

To purchase the download ($4.25):
At Teacher's Notebook
At Currclick
At Kagi

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