My First Radio Interview for TBA Today!

Have you seen the all new radio program TBA Today yet?  If not, you need to check it out!  I pre-recorded my first interview with Debbie Clement, a national speaker, presenter, author, musician, and entertainer this week, and it is ready for you to listen right now OR when you have time!

It really was so much fun and I hope you enjoy listening to the free program as much as I did recording it.  :)  Here is a picture of us hanging out in my radio "studio" (aka my kitchen).

If you head over to The Organized Classroom Blog, you can read a little more about Debbie and how to access the program a couple different ways.  I would also love some feedback on what you thought, who you would like to hear on future episodes, and/or topics you would like!

See you there!



    I am so VERY thrilled to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by our very own Charity for her premiere recording of "Chatting with Charity"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The woman is a wizzard at the tech gizzmos. She is brilliant at all of the blogging potential. Those are facts for sure, but it is her kindness and genuine interest that made our interview time together so absolutely fantastic and FUN!!! I hope that you can hear our conversation above all of our giggling and laughter. We had a hoot and stayed up past our bedtime.

    Thanks also to Charity for her flexibility in making the timing work in the midst of my travels.

    Again, a huge bouquet of roses and KUDOS to TBA for launching such an exceptional concept.

    Debbie Clement

  2. Thanks for agreeing to be on the show Debbie :)

    (PS - LOVE the hotlink!)


Thank you!