This web expo has gone across the nation in press releases in all of the top teaching magazines and is exploding! Even if you already have a blog, you are sure to not want to miss out. And just because we know you're an addict, we are excited to join in with you... because we can't enough of teaching blogs either!

So, let's see - with less than a week left.... are you ready?

You are able to attend the expo online, so wear what ever you prefer! Be comfy, be stylish, be you - but be there!

Since the expo is online, you are able to spend your time however it is most convenient for you. Tune in whenever you can, pause at any time - when you purchase your ticket, you get access to the footage any time you need it!

Grab your ticket today by registering online and SAVE - purchasing for the live event allow you to save $10 and gain you access to a goodie bag worth almost $200 of free teaching materials

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