Roald Dahl Day and free printables

On September 13th fans from across the globe celebrated Roald Dahl Day.  Originally launched on in 2006 to celebrate what would have been the writer’s 90th birthday.
Dahl died in 1990 but his books remain as popular as ever, published in almost 50 languages.  Favorite titles such as Matilda, James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have been enjoyed by children and adults alike for generations in both book and film form.

One of my favourite books is Charly and the chocolate factory. I made these story stretchers with clipart bought at Digicute store. I love the Oompa loompas!

What's your favourite book?

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  1. I love Roahd Dahl books. Esio Trot and the Vicar of Nibbleswick were two of my favorites as I got older and I've always loved the Twits!
    - Leslie


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