Scheduling is now a Breeze!

Schedule your next meeting with ease... no more sending emails back and forth.  Use "When is Good" to see when your colleagues, friends, group members, classmates, etc. are available.  This free site free, easy, requires no sign up form, and it's user-friendly.

Click Here to see the 44 second video!


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  1. Google calendar has a feature like this that I really like. I prefer it because I don't need a new account, it's integrated with their other features, and Google Calendar is so easy to use. If someone sends me an e-mail in Gmail about something on a certain date, Gmail will have a little option on the sidebar- "Would you like to add that to your calendar?" I believe you can also attach Google Docs, so you could say "fill out this form and bring it to the meeting" and it's right there!


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