Use Math Mammoth for free (for teachers)

Are you a school teacher that can't afford much in a way of purchasing your own materials?  Is your school (anywhere in the world) having tight finances?

When reading through some emails yesterday, I came up with a novel idea meant for classroom teachers or schools with no money so that they could enjoy my Math Mammoth books.

You will get the materials from me in a downloadable format without spending any money, but it will cost you something (time and effort). Here's how this thing works:
  1. Contact me and I will send you Math Mammoth materials on a certain topic, such as basic addition or division facts or fraction addition, etc. Nearly any topic in grades 1-7.

  2. Document (photos and/or videos) your class using the materials, and write up a "report" or a presentation, showcasing what you did, how the students liked it, and so on. It could be of a single teaching session, or it could cover a longer period of time. You could include student responses & comments, an example lesson plan, etc. Be creative...

  3. Send me your presentation.  I'll look it over. Depending on the quality and extent of your presentation, you'll then get MORE materials -- several books, or the whole Light Blue Series CD/download, or the All Inclusive CD/download.

  4. I'll post your presentation on my blog for others to see! This will help and inspire others, when we share ideas of how to use Math Mammoth!

Maria Miller

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  1. Sounds good!! I will give it a try!!


Thank you!