The Very, Very Important... Chicka, Chicka Name Trees?

This week I have tried to get back in to my regular routine of posting and Oh my word! How did I ever do this last school year. I think summer time spoiled me. Well, this week I did post about 2 things my class did and guess what. I totally forgot to share it here. Have I lost my mind. Possibly. That is what will happen to you when you teach at 2 different schools!

On Tuesday I share my class's version of our Very, Very Important book of Kindergarten words. Although you can make it an important book of any kind of words really. I even shared a freebie. Want to know what on Earth I am talking about? Take a peek.
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 You can read about it here, but wait don't go just yet.

This week we have been studying letters but most importantly our names! So this morning I shared my students Chicka Chicka name trees. I love how they turned out.
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You can go see them here. However, I have a little bit more to share before you go.

Top 10 TBA
Yesterday, I finally got my act together and posted my top 10. Well, it is more like a top 15. So I cheated, :/ but to be honest it was hard to narrow it down. Please don't tell the teacher. I know I picked a few blogs that are well known to you readers, but I also picked a few that are off the beaten path, so please stop by their blogs and take a look around, read a few stories, laugh a little bit and most importantly be inspired!

I am getting ready to create a few freebies for you all tomorrow. I am hoping I don't get distracted and make myself a liar. So check back tomorrow, but for now click on the button below to read my blog.

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