A wonderful store for teachers!

As an author of two published books, I have worked with many different stores over the past five years that sell teaching resources. My books have been sold through venues, such as Target, Barnes and Noble, and Christian bookstores. Publishing and marketing companies recommend using as many outlets as possible to spread the news about your products. Therefore, I have also used multiple on-line stores that sell E-books and documents, such as Amazon, Curr Click, TOS, and many more.

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of an on-line teacher store, Teacher's Notebook, that stood out from any other store I have worked with in the past. Their business model is based on teachers keeping 100% profits from any sales. This model also allows prices to be discounted more (since no middle party is involved) which allows educators to spend less on purchases. I was in awe of how this store operated. This is why Leslie and I wanted to pass on the word about this incredible store to TBA readers.

Over the last month, Leslie and I have worked with Teacher's Notebook on creating the first virtual teaching expo, which consists of monthly presentations from speakers around the world. I am so excited about this venture that I can hardly contain myself! Now teachers will be able to connect and learn from each other, not only through blogging, but also through viewing presentations with live question and answer sessions using cutting edge technology.

If you have not visited Teacher's Notebook yet, make sure to hop on over to take a peek and remember to bookmark this amazing resource for the future.


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