Book Study Point #79

In TBA's current The End of Molasses book study, Ron Clark writes solution #79- Teach parents the correct way to tutor their children. This chapter really hit home with me.

For the past five years, I have poured thousands of hours into Teaching with TLC, a non-profit educational outreach for parents of elementary children. I was so frustrated of the lack of resources and advice that was available for parents of school-age children, especially since parents are children's primary teachers. I was tired of watching parents being forced into spending thousands of dollars per year for tutoring services for their children when most of the time there were activities parents could be doing themselves if someone took the time to show them how. That is why I wrote Tutoring Your Elementary Child with TLC, which was the first tutoring book ever written specifically for parents.
After the book was published, I participated in radio interviews, speaking requests, television segments, newspaper and magazine articles, wrote e-books, blogged, etc. I did anything I could to help spread the word that there were options for parents. Over the past few years, a lot more resources have been provided for parents and I am very grateful. I never want parents to feel helpless. My primary goal is to provide parents with tools they need to help their children succeed academically.

Here is also a free e-book that reveals some of the most important teaching tips every parent should know to maximize their children’s learning time. You can {CLICK HERE} to download this book and share it with others or you can give parents the link to it if you'd like.

Keep inspiring your students and their parents. ☺