Congrats Amazing Race Winners!

We have our winners!

Congratulations to these 10 racers who finished the Amazing Race and won a free ticket to the upcoming Teaching Tips Expo!

  1. Tiffani - Time 4 Kindergarten
  2. Hadar
  3. Mrs. L
  4. Debb
  5. Vintage Teacher
  6. Jennifer Knopf
  7. Annie Moffatt
  8. Jacque - preciousmoments
  9. ThePolkaDotOwl
  10. Ali - alischepis

They are going to get a pass to hear from Tamara, Charity, Monica and Jennifer all about how to flip their classroom. You're sure not to want to miss out either.

It's worth it!

Here is part of your prize: 
let others know you want them to join you on this day:

and be sure to email to claim your prize!