The End of Molasses Classes Linky Party

We are finally starting the book study by way of a weekly linky party. This week we are posting our thoughts on part one of "The End of Molasses Classes". I can't wait to read our thoughts on this groundbreaking masterpiece brought to us by Ron Clark.
I've shared my thoughts below, so join in! If you do not have a blog, be sure to chime in by leaving a comment. ☺

My thoughts:
Principle 4 really hit home with me (Uplift other adults who play a role in the lives of our children).  Since I work in a rough area, parents and caregivers are often seen as the enemy, those who continually work against us when it comes to their children (or not work at all).  I realize that if I see them as partners, no matter what, my life will be much easier.  The role I take depends on how they respond, so sometimes I have to take the lead and be more influential in the academic decisions than I would normally have thought to be.

By ridding ourselves of the "us against them" mentality, we can use parents and caregivers to our advantage.  Since I started this new outlook, even conferences have been easier.  I use to start on the defensive, now I start with the ball in their court.


  1. Ron's book will transform teachers and students. It is incredible and is a must read for every educator and parent.

  2. Just joined the party! Can't wait to start my book today and post my thougts!

    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  3. Ron Clark has such great insight. I loved this book and return to it over and over whenever I need to renew my enthusiasm!

  4. A great book and easy to read!

  5. Our district did a book study on the essential 55 and Ron Clark came to Texas to speak to us at the beginning of last year and Kim Beardon came this year! They are amazing speakers! Our district loved them so much they are sending one person from each school to visit the Ron Clark academy in February... And I got chosen to go! I'm soooooooo excited to go down that slide! They made the announcement today and my first grade class got so excited we all got on the desks and did a crazy dance!

  6. @Oliver17 - so cool - you'll have to tell us all about it here on TBA!
    - Leslie


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