Falling leaves-BIlingual post

Fall is here and another teachable moment is waiting for us. Are you ready to hunt some leaves with your children?
Get some leaves and rather than "teaching" your children, allow the process to occur naturally, in the same manner that the children learn their native language.

My goals for this lesson:
To introduce and practice colors in Spanish
To relate colors in their oral and written form

Let your children play with the leaves, pretend to be trees that are losing their leaves, sort them, rub them, use them in a collage.

Then introduce colors in Spanish using an emergent reader in the pocket chart.
Hojas de colores
Hojas de colores
caen sobre mí.
Algunas son verdes.
Algunas son amarillas.
Algunas son naranjas.
Algunas son rojas.
Hojas de colores
caen sobre mí.

Invite children to retell the poem while matching colors and leaves.

Teachable moments are there waiting for you! Happy teaching!

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