I bet you never knew....

Biggest Addict

To kick off today's "I bet you never knew" linky party, I'd like to share with you three things about TBA that you might not have known before.

(1) Leslie and I have never met in person. Many people (even TBA authors) think we have been great friends for a long time and even live by each other. The truth is we live several states apart, and we met through blogging on TBA. We became blog partners shortly after blogging together here. I couldn't imagine TBA without all of her creativity and ideas. I am VERY untechie (FYI I just learned how to text messages on my cell phone last month) so Leslie is a huge blessing! Even though we haven't physically met, we have virtually danced together to celebrate TBA's half-year birthday. {CLICK HERE} to take a look!

(2) Our first TBA post by a TBA author was the famous I'm Done Jar (it's still one of TBA's most popular posts) by the well-known Miss Kindergarten, Hadar. (Hadar also helps TBA through coordinating the social events. She rocks!)

(3) TBA is having a VERY special guest stopping by VERY soon. (Hint: Make sure you are doing the TBA Book Study!!!)

If you need a laugh this Time-Out Tuesday, check out these TBA comments that made it in our Hall of Fame.

Have a wonderful day blogging friends!


  1. Love TBA - I think you girls will have to plan some sort of get together...I think it's a shame you've never met in person! ;)

    Not sure how it works around here...am I able to post something from my blog here to get some traffic over there? I'm lonely. :(

    Here's my blog: (Be gentle...I've only been at it for a couple of weeks!)


  2. I just left you a comment on your blog Holly. ☺


Thank you!