Interact Live, beyond your classroom - and Record!

Record your Skype Conversations! 

 Imagine Skyping with your PinPal Class or an Author... later post it on your class site... all because you are now able to RECORD your SKYPE - how cool! 

Teachers can also record collaborations, homework, etc... The possibilities are endless!  I just have to say try it - you will really see how
 truly simple it is... and addicting.  :)

Here's the link:  click here

Here is the blog that shows good examples of using Skype in Class
 (and NOW you can Record - never before able to do!):  <-------- very cool site!  tons of creative ideas!!
now click here to bring your teaching to a new level!!

Are your students connecting in our 21st century world?
we have the tools... are we using them?


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