Nonsense Word Game

I know we are gearing up for our Winter Benchmark AIMS Web/DIBELS about you?  I dread those Nonsense Word Fluency tests!!!  Those poor babies who are already readers seem to do poorly because their little heads tell them that the words just don't make sense.  I think they sit there wanting to make sense of all the words that come out of their mouths and before they know it, the timer is beeping and their "minute to win it" is up.

Grrrrrrrr...can you tell I am not a fan?  We spend countless mini lessons teaching the kids to always check to see if what they are reading makes sense...and then we throw these tests in their faces.  I know, I know...decoding is important...

Well, I cannot avoid the tests, so I made a game to make practicing a little less painful.  Click {HERE} to find out more!

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