TBA Book Study- The End of Molasses Classes

If you have not read The End of Molasses Classes, I recommend you get a copy as fast as possible. It is the most encouraging book for teachers and parents that I have read in years! Not only is it packed with tons of amazing teaching tips that will motivate you and help transform the way you teach, Ron Clark is hysterical, which makes the book very entertaining to read as well. I promise you will LOVE this book! 

TBA invites YOU to participate in the The End of Molasses Classes book study, which is being hosted by Janine from Faithful in First. You can join in at any time by leaving a comment or even linking up your blog post about your favorite points.
Each week we will be reading one section of the book as they are divided in the Table of Contents.

Week of October 9- RCA's Core Principles and Values
Week of October 16- The Role of the Parent in the Success of the Child
Week of October 23- Creating the Right Climate and Culture
Week of October 30- Reaching Out Beyond the Classroom

We would love for you to join us in this book study. Come share with us all on how this book is impacting you as an educator and parent. (And who knows, Mr. Clark may even be reading what you are sharing, too.)