Time-Out Tuesday- Because of You

I've never been more excited to share a Time-Out Tuesday than today. Last week when I was blog-hopping, I found gold. Well, a blogger whose heart is gold, Heather at Heather's Heart. I loved a poem that Heather wrote so much that I printed it and placed it inside my binder that I keep my lesson plans in as a daily reminder of the difference I make as a teacher.

As a home educator, I get much less encouragement than I did when I taught in the classroom. My children rarely say, "Mom, you are the best teacher." I do not get special cards or gifts around the holidays or during teacher appreciation week. I don't have any co-workers, a principal or a school administrator to say "good job." So this poem is extra special to me. It reminds me of why I teach and the difference I make wherever I teach- in a classroom and at home.

Click on the image below to visit Heather's blog and download your copy. It really is beautiful and will be available in Hallmark in the near future (my prediction). Please make sure to hop on over to Heather's Heart and give her a big thank you.


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