Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, hello, hello!  HOORAY!!!  I'm HERE!  I have ARRIVED!  Thanks for waiting!!!!!!  :)

It would be way too obvious to tell you that I am super excited to be one of the newest authors for TBA.  It was QUITE clear to my dog when I jumped up and down after I got the invite and she doesn't even speak Human.  I told my husband that this is a dream come true (a dream that I didn't know I had until this summer when I found out that TBA existed) and he was proud of me even though he doesn't really get all of this.

Back in June, I googled "teacher blogs" and TBA was the first one that came up.  From there, I found about 3, 271 blogs that I am now addicted to.  And then I started my own blog because I was super inspired (and truthfully, I had started a teacher blog about three years ago but I only posted about four times and no one followed me).  When I found TBA, I immediately saw that "all author positions have been filled".   {insert big sigh, shoulder slump, and sad face here}  Oh well.  I missed the boat.  It would be okay.  I loved all of the blogs, anyway, and TBA was the first blog on my sidebar.  I was AN ADDICT and THAT WAS THAT.

And THEN.  I checked my email before school on Friday (after a very long and STRANGE week where other teachers told me I appeared to be running from place to place but they never saw me stop) and there it was.  "You are invited to be an AUTHOR for TBA."  Stop the presses!!!  No way!  Yes, yes, yes!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So . . . my name is Kristin.  Kristin with an "i".  As in, I have two eyes in my head and I need two i's in my name.  (that's supposed to help you remember how to spell my name since my parents gave me a spelling that tends to be the opposite of how people think it should be spelled)  I teach first grade at a school where kinder is still half day.  First grade is huge for the kids AND their parents at my school.  And I'm pretty much in a fog that doesn't lift until about Christmas.  Then the magic happens and the kids come back from vacation ready to learn.  Ready to STAY THE WHOLE DAY and they stop asking if it's time to go home (to which I usually reply that there is NO WAY I will lose track of time and that I would like to go home sometime today, too).  I love my school, my staff, my kids, my families.  

I have been with my husband for 20 years and we have been married for over 14 (except that makes me sound old so just pretend we met at nursery school).  We have one dog, Sidney, and she is our baby.  It's actually quite embarassing how much we spoil her.  But we lost her brother, Foster, over the summer and that's all I can say about that (well, I can also tell you that his name was Foster and he was a very cool dog, as well as my big baby).  The hubby and I like to watch movies, take Sid on walks, EAT, go to church and do church fellowship things, watch baseball, and EAT.  Did I already say that?  I don't cook but hubby does so I'm lucky (except that I do the dishes).

Sidney helped me set up my classroom in August.  Then she pooped.
Seriously. On the newly shampooed carpets.  I did not tell our custodian.  
I ran home, got my own supplies and did the best I could.  
(It was either going to be urine or vomit that ruined it anyway, right?)

I have an older sister, a twin sister, and a younger brother.   I talk about my twin a lot because she is my number one fan and also reads all of the comments that anyone ever leaves me.  She knows A LOT of you even though you may not know her.  When I told her I'd been invited to be an author for TBA, she knew immediately what I was talking about!  :)  Between my two sisters, I have two nieces and three nephews and they are the GREATEST KIDS IN THE WORLD.  (By the way, my twin's name is Kerry.  Look at THAT spelling.  What were my parents thinking?)

I post a lot.  Sometimes I have freebies for you because I use way too much of DJ Inkers clipart and you can only share that.  And sometimes, I just ramble.  I like to tell stories and some of those stories don't come with any cute worksheets or cards or games.  They just come with a lot of words.  I tell you this so that you are prepared.  For all of the words.  (this long introduction should be a hint)

If you're new (to me) I hope you'll come visit.  I suggest you check out my Halloween post because it sort of has a life of its own now and I think you might enjoy it.  And if you're an old blogging buddy of mine, I hope you'll continue to visit me because I already like you.


A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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