Because of You (and a turkey sort)

Today, I had to revisit this poem that I wrote when I found myself repeating myself over and over again with one of my repeat offenders and becoming VERY frustrated!!! I only know a tiny bit about all of the people who cross his path. I know I might be the ONE person to love this child and make a difference...that Because of Me, I have the chance EVERY day to teach this kiddo something that might change his life forever. God put this baby in MY room and that is no mistake. So, take a deep breath and remember that Because of YOU, a child's life is more blessed. Come over to Heather's Heart to read the poem and my post. Just click on the poem! =)

Also, come by for some Thankful Turkeys digraph fun....just click on the turkey's below! =)

From My Heart to Yours,

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