Carolina Pad Launches Fundanoodle

Fundanoodle is a fantastic new resource for parents that want to give their little ones a head start before reaching traditional school age.  Designed as an education readiness tool,  Fundanoodle encouranges children to interact and learn, while remembering to keep our young learners engaged by making learning fun! 

The first module of this system, the Fundanoodle Handwriting Development Program, is designed for parents who may lack the knowledge or tools to help their children learn to write. Early childhood educators can also use the program to supplement classroom instruction.  .

Using colorful and engaging activities, the program takes children on a fun-filled journey as they master the foundational skills needed for writing and other everyday tasks. Designed in partnership with Amy Bumgarner and Michelle Yoder, who have nearly 20 years of combined experience in pediatric occupational therapy, the handwriting development program’s writing tablets and activity kits target critical areas such as gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, memory and concentration, and manual dexterity.  And the system is easy for parents to use because it’s color coded to denote activities targeted to different age ranges: orange is for ages 3-plus/preschool, blue is for ages 4-5/pre-K to K and green is for ages 5-6/K to first grade.

The tour guides as our children develop and improve the skills needed for handwriting and many other everyday activities, are Max and Alphie, pictured below.  Their bios on Fundanoodle describe them as follows:  “Max the Monkey is hands-down the most fun animal anywhere, and undoubtedly the biggest fan of learning. Max is bananas about letters and numbers and loves to share his appreciation and zeal. Alphie is an adventurer and explorer who also has an afffinity and zest for letters and numbers and just happens to be Max's best friend. He's a master of the alphabet and enjoys helping others write correctly too!”  These certainly sound like the type of characters that I’d like to learn from!

Max and Alphie

Fundanoodle, created by Carolina Pad focuses on very important goals for children from age 3 to first grade.  The tools within their modules will help any parent, or early child professional with:

  • Helping fine and gross motor coordination
  • Enhancing eye-hand coordination
  • Encouraging touch and visual exploration
  • Promoting problem-solving, discovery, and self-esteem
The greatness of Fundanoodle is in the uniqueness of Fundanoodle.  One of the most difficult things about teaching a very young learner is that they always want to do something FUN.  Here is where Fundanoodle is so fantastic.  Check out this little miracle in a box--the I can Bead, Lace, Rip, and Trace Kit, which is ultimately designed to develop the motor skills necessary to hold a pencil.  You can see more about this award winning product here.

Fundanoodle is designed for busy parents, to provide a complete handwritings system and help prepare our little ones for school, while still being fun.  Using basic concepts, such as green means go, red means stop, children can begin preparing for school age at age two, all while still having a great time.  Both of my children are constantly into the craft closet, or doing puzzles.  The Fundanoodle kits fit perfectly into our routine and help advance so many skills for them.

Please visit the wonderful new product's website.  Within it, you will not only find multiple learning systems available, but also a multitude of tips and activites, downloads, and other great features.  This Novemeber, Fundanoodle will be giving one of our lucky readers a set of their Muscle Mover cards, check out the Upper Case and Lower Case versions here.  Please leave a comment on this post to register for the contest.

You can learn more about Fundanoodle at the following locations:

Twitter: @fundanoodle

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