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TBA has recently become aware of a great new teaching resource, especially for those new to the profession or changing grade levels.  Classroom Teacher Resources, created and managed by teacher Betsy Weigle, is a content rich, easy to navigate website designed to help highly motivated and dedicated teachers become highly effective teachers and facilitate student success.

Betsy's site is full of great information and ideas.  One of the best features is that it can take a new teacher straight from college to classroom and will continue providing great tools for every step along the way.  Not sure which college to select?  Where should I become certified?  There are also sections for your student teaching, finding a teaching position, and substitute teachers, all right here in the resource center. 

So now, the dream come true and you have your own classroom.  Months of moving things around, working with a mentor teacher to find your way around the school, and then it happens.  The students arrive.  Think back to your first few months as a teacher.  You needed something.  An attendance sheet.  A sub plan template.  A field trip checklist.  Anybody remember how stressful these were to create?  It can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you've got papers to grade, unexpected appearances from the parents, and students just plain being kids. 

Of course creating one of these documents is no problem, you could have done it in 20 minutes in college.  But who has 20 minutes now?  Creating any of them plus the 500 other documents a new teacher will try, change, then retry, is very time consuming and takes away from what a new teacher should really be focusing on: working with students, planning, and teaching strategy.  Documents such as these, and many more are available in Betsy's free download center.  This is a great tool to help spend your time where you really need it to be spent, with the kids.

Betsy Weigle in the classroom

Moving past the basics, Classroom Teacher Resources then takes a deep dive into all of the key categories that really "make" a teacher.  Classroom Management, Team Building, Classroom Discipline, Teachable Moments and many other facets of being a teacher are represented with very easy to follow and apply strategies for success.  Betsy does a fantastic job of stating why something should be occurring, which truly helps a new teacher make good decisons on their own.

Classroom Teacher Resources of course transitions on beyond the early years of teaching, and covers many more topics of interest, including technology, school improvement, and best practices.  Teachers of all experience level would likely be interested in the free monthly newsletter, Q&A sessions, and website guide.  Betsy also provides plenty of great strategies for working with students, parents, and other teachers as your career progresses.

I'd like to also note that Betsy devotes a significant amount of her site to the Teachers Homeless Student Action Center and is a major advocate for this charity.  Please take a moment to visit her site and view some of the staggering statistics regarding homeless students, and how you can help.  As Betsy states on her site, "Teachers can help kids from a homeless family feel "normal" at school. It may only be for six hours a day, but those six hours are the difference between success and failure."  This is a truly inspiring initiative that Betsy and others have undertaken.  

Teachers of all experience levels and grade levels will likely want to take a look at this great resource.  You can visit Classroom Teacher Resources on the web, Facebook, or sign up for the free monthly newsletter.

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