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Hello there!
My name is Heidi Butkus, and I teach Kindergarten at a Title One public school in Southern California!  I have been teaching for almost 25 years, and most of those years have been in Kindergarten, and I have always worked with low income students, many of whom speak other languages at home.  My current school has about 55% of the students that qualify for a free lunch, so that means that more than half of them live at the poverty level. 
This definitely has its challenges, but the great thing is that it does force me to think outside the box when I am trying to get my little ones to meet those rigorous standards!  I have found that music and movement do wonders to help most children learn, and my best ideas usually include at least some of that!  That’s why I have created all of that music that you can find on my website, which is www.Heidisongs.com.  But I also have lots of hands-on ideas that work to help the children stay motivated, focused, and engaged.  I also try to create resources that help get parents on board and getting them to help their children at home as much as they possibly can. 
I create a lot of materials, and I LOVE to share so my blog always includes a free download or two!  I also have learned how to draw a lot of my own pictures and graphics, so that makes it easy for me to give them away without spending a lot of money!  I also really enjoy posting “how-to” videos of classroom activities, and the parents in my class are amazingly cooperative about giving permission for me to post videos of their children for educational purposes!  I also love posting videos of my cuties demonstrating a new song or two, and it is usually very entertaining to see four and five year old children doing what they do best!  So stop by for a visit and leave a comment or two!  That always makes my day!
Happy Teaching!
Heidi Butkus

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