How to Sound Out Words, and a Freebie!

Hello everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!  We have been working very hard in my Kindergarten class these days on learning how to sound out words, and now I have some new tricks to share with you on how to teach kids how to do just that!  So come on over and check it out!  There's also a video clip of a great song that goes with it, called "How Do You Sound It Out?" There's also a video clip of my class doing part of the lesson on my Facebook page!  There's also some free downloads to use if you want to try out the lesson in your own classroom.
I also included a section on teaching the Thanksgiving story by drawing little stick figures while you tell it!  I included a free download of some "pictographs" so that you can also just use mine, if you like, but they were very easy to draw, and the children found it quite fascinating to watch me draw them as I told the story.  If you still will be in the classroom next week, you might want to try it out!  Otherwise, hang on to it for next year. 

Have a great holiday!
Heidi Butkus

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