Howdy from Shannon in Texas!

Howdy y'all! I'm Shannon and I'm thrilled 
{and humbled and amazed} 
to be one of the newest TBA authors! 

 I'm a Christian, wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, sister, friend, 
dance & drill team mama, blogger, teacher of gifted & talented, 
and former technology specialist. 
I'm a technology nerd, a fast talker, and an insomniac. 
I'm a southern girl who loves to cook for my friends and family. 
I'm HIGHLY addicted to Sonic Diet Coke and proud of it.
{I go there every single day & they are like my family} 

 If you are on Pinterest {I love Pinterest} you may have seen one of my Sonic signs- of which there are now MANY versions that you can print out FREE! 

I love reading and movies and quotes and games of all sorts. 
I'm a bit OCD {ok....maybe more than a bit} 
and blogging {I have 5 blogs, that's not weird is it?} and baking is my therapy. 
No matter how crazy life gets, blessings always abound in my life! 
I am blessed indeed!

 Sweet Blessings is where I share things about life, family, faith, food, friends, and lots of randomness {including my love of Sonic!} as well as ideas for blessing others and lots of free printables!

Technology Rocks. Seriously. is my teaching blog- full of great FREE internet finds for the classroom and lots of printables. I love making things to share and get such joy from giving to others! 

Drop by when you get a chance and see what I've been doing to prepare for Thanksgiving at home and at school and get some fun Thanksgiving printables like these below!