An Idea for a Science Center, And A Cornucopia of Free Downloads for Thanksgiving!

Heidi From HeidiSongs, and a Wonderful Little Friend
A ramp is a "Simple Machine!"  How scientific!
Hey there, everybody!  I’m Heidi from HeidiSongs.  I’m one of your newest TBA authors, and I’m super excited to be sharing my blog with you today for the very first time!  I LOVE to share my ideas and talents, and I can’t wait to share these ideas with a whole new group of people- hooray!

Here’s a just a preview of my blog this week:  I’ve been trying to keep a nice, easy, independent science center going all year long, and have been blogging on it often.  This week, the children have been learning about simple machines, and our machine this week is the “inclined plane,” (which is really just a ramp!)  Just wait til you see how much fun they had trying to get that marble down the ramp  into the dish!  This may look like simple block play to the naked eye, but with a little background information, it's really SCIENCE!
My Fall Book Free Download
I also created a new free downloadable printable Fall Reading Book, and explained really effective way to use it that is manageable and produces real learning in terms of sight word identification, recognition of word boundaries, and tracking ability.

In addition, I created another free downloadable activity called “Turkey Feathers Matching Sets” that the children just were entranced with.  PLUS, I provided a whole list of activities with pictures and handy links to ALL of the other free downloads related to Thanksgiving that I gave away last year on my blog as well!  So do drop in!

Turkey Feathers Matching Sets Free Download

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