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The Edublog Nominations are Open... 
Thanks to TJ for nomination Kleinspiration for the Best New Blog category! 

The Edublog Nominations

Thanks to TJ Houston for nominating Kleinspiration in the Best New Blog category!

I'd really appreciate any additional nominations for Kleinspiration in this category.  You can click here to read more about the Edublog contest.  They only accept blogs who receive a lot of nominations.  So, if you'd like to nominate Kleinspiration in the Best New Blog category, please click here.  I'll be putting together my Edublog nominations in a post this weekend.  If you nominate Kleinspiration, please email me at: erinklein12@gmail.com so that I can be sure to link to you in a blog post as a super big thanks!!


I'll be nominating TBA for "Best Group Blog."  The nominations are very competitive... so, if we could all blog about our nominations for each other - that would be wonderful!  It's probably best not to enter in the same category in effort to support everyone for their category.  There are a ton of categories to choose from.  If you're interested in a category, please email me (address above).  I'll be putting together my nominations this weekend.


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