Magic Behavior Pack!

So I think we all know about the Elf on the Shelf...wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to use that trick in our classrooms all year?  Well, now you can...sort of (the same concept, but without a Christmas Elf hanging around all year). 

Introducing Kari the Classroom Fairy!!!!  I am so excited to have finally turned my best behavior management trick into a pack to offer my fellow teaching friends!

Classroom management is one of the most difficult, but most important parts of a teacher's job! Sometimes a class can get the best of us and we have to pull out some tricks!!! Kari the Classroom Fairy is the "trick" you need!!! Believe it or not, even the boys go crazy for Kari!

Implement Kari in your classroom and watch your classroom management shine! Your coworkers and administrators will be dazzled!

Included in this magical pack are the following:
*The Legend of Kari the Classroom Fairy story
*4 Choices of Fairies to print
*Various "Star Notes" from Kari to your class
*Template for your students to write to Kari
*Teacher tips to successfully implement this behavior management technique
*A "Fairy Good!" behavior bingo pack
*Parent Letter

Are you a mentor to a new teacher? Do you have a student teacher? This pack would make a fabulous gift!

As a teacher who has used this for many years, I can honestly say it works wonders!!! Not only is it fun for your students, but their behavior improves drastically!

If you are interested in Kari the Classroom Fairy, click on the image below!

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