Meet Another New Author... Kim from Joy in 6th

Breathe, Kim, just breathe.
I'm giddy.
I'm panicked.
I'm THRILLED to be here!

Thanks TBA, for the opportunity to add a few thoughts in this sweet little space on the TBA site.  I've looked at those Seuss-like people on the top and bottom of this page so many times, I feel like I know them!

My name is Kim from Finding Joy in Sixth Grade and I am humbled by the opportunity to blogtalk with you as one of TBA's new authors.

Here are a few (not-quite-fascinating) details about me...

1.  I don't know how to type.  I type with four fingers and one thumb (I don't know why the other thumb opted out) and I hardhy evber make misytahes.  (I often think they invented the SpellCheck button just for me!)

2.  After starting my career teaching kids with significant disabilities, I switched to general education where I have taught kids in grades four, five, and six.  Sixth grade is my FAVORITE!  I've been at the same school for my whole career--29 years as a teacher and three more as an aide and student teacher. There are those who have suggested I don't like change.

3. When I started teaching, few people had personal computers--in fact, the big rage was VCRs, and the first VHS tape I ever bought was Star Wars--for almost $100.00! At the time, I thought that was a reasonable price to pay to stare at Harrison Ford any time I wanted.

4. I could never teach kindergarten. I am in awe of anyone who does. In fact, primary teachers, in general amaze me. When my sixth graders "buddy" with the kinders, that half hour seems like three days. That much time tying shoes, wiping tears (and noses), and "getting your wiggles out" (in addition to teaching!) makes those kinder-teachers seem worthy of sainthood to me.

5. Like many of my BlogFriends, I have a passion for storage items! I have plastic storage bins piled in rows in my garage. When I found out that you could buy COLORED storage bins (math could be blue, reading could be purple...), my heart was a-flutter.  I also have colored paper in a multi-drawer storage system, sorted by color and hue! Ahhhh. Bliss.

6. Don't tell the HOA, but I have so much school stuff in my garage, I could set up some kind of teacher store in there.  Currently, there is no room for my car.  (I'm cleaning it tomorrow, really I am)  I live in fear that someone is going to see my garage full of teacher stuff and call those people who film the TV show, Hoarders.  I am SO not kidding.

7. I can't live without Starbucks. When I got the message that I might have a chance to add a word (or 83) on TBA, I thought of the people who might help me make that decision. Psychic? Not helpful. Shrink? Less helpful. Starbucks barista? Certainly! After handing over my venti-mocha-light-whip (I'm trying to cut back... sort of!), he said "That sounds like fun!"

So here I am. I am honored (and so stunned) to be in the company of so many of my BlogHeroes--and equally honored to have you read my first post on TBA.

I hope you will take a moment to stop by Finding JOY in Sixth Grade.  You can read my latest (Starbucks inspired!) post here.

Happy day!