A note from Teachers Notebook

It's Teachers Notebook's half-year birthday! Hooray!
From Debbie & Steve Esemplare, Co-Founders of Teachers Notebook.

We would like to thank everyone at TBA, Tamara, Leslie and the amazing TBA authors for all of their support in helping us pursue our goals for Teachers Notebook.  Because of the TBA authors and readers spreading the word about TN, we now reach a worldwide audience and everyday we see how our teacher shops are helping educators by sharing their fantastic creations.

This was Debbie’s dream when she came up with the idea of TN in early 2005.  To create a global venue for teachers to share ideas and they would get paid every penny of every sale.  This is why at TN we never take a percentage of any sale and why we rely on advertising with the help of Google to cover the costs of operating TN.  This is also why TN is so different from every other marketplace that teacher authors have ever known.  We are here, in every way, shape and form to support teachers!  TN does not exist to profit off of the hard work of teacher authors.

As our tag line reads ‘Ideas Worth Sharing.’ ™  Many people have asked us “Why do you do this?  It doesn't make a lot of business sense.”  Our answer has always been this: “It is the hard working teachers who come up with these ideas.  They invest their time and effort into creating the items and sharing them with other teachers around the world to help children.  We respect what these teachers do, day in and day out, and they deserve to receive nothing less than 100%.”

When we launched TN six months ago, we reached out to a handful of teacher bloggers in the hopes that they would at least give us a look.  What started out with just a few shops has blossomed beyond our wildest dreams.  A very heartfelt thank you goes to Leslie from KindergartenWorks for being one of the first teacher authors to give us a shot.  Without you Leslie, TN would not have grown as fast as it has.

Word continued to spread about TN, from blogger to blogger.  When we had to opportunity to connect with Tamara at TBA – things really took off!  Why?  First, the reach that the TBA authors have is both far & wide and truly remarkable.  Second, both TN and TBA share the same core vision.  That vision is helping teachers connect and share ideas to the benefit of teachers and students worldwide.  

Teachers are some of the most talented and giving people.  Only a teacher would give other people’s children 100% of themselves; teach children to do more than they thought they were capable of; give emotional band-aids; and lead by example with their morals and values.  They deserve respect and we are honored to be able to provide an open venue for them to connect, share and learn from one another.  We are also humbled that they have put their trust in us and see that TN is here for their benefit.

TBA has been a very big part of helping us achieve our goals of helping teachers and students.  Without TBA and the wonderful authors, we would not be where we are today.  Our gratitude goes to Tamara for giving us the chance to work with such great people.  We admire everything that you do and we will support the efforts of TBA and their authors in anyway that we possibly can.

The teachers and students from around the world who use TN everyday appreciate all that you have done and continue to do!

From the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!!

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