The numbers game in blogland

Hi everyone! I've been noticing that many bloggers have been closing their blogs lately. The reason they are telling me is that they had few followers so they thought that nobody really cared about the ideas they were sharing. PLEASE let me encourage you that the number of lives you are impacting could NEVER be predicted by your number of followers (no matter which way they follow you) or your blog's statistics. You can share one idea that one teacher reads and shares with her co-teachers who shares with their friends and so on. Only God knows the number of teachers and children you are impacting from one reader (who may not even be a follower of your blog to begin with). 

I'd like to share with you that I blogged for three and a half years without one follower- this was in the dark ages of blogging before the follower's gadget and the Facebook and Twitter pages, etc. It was in the old-fashioned days where people would bookmark a site as their favorite. Okay, I still do this. ☺ I had (are you ready for this) an average of 30 visitors per day for three years. I was thrilled to be impacting 30 people's lives a day from my home!

Now there are so many different ways to measure a blog's traffic and followers. I do like using these tools, but none of these measure your success as a blogger. While I believe in celebrating milestones (I do love blogging parties) and that these tools can bring much reassurance, please do not let these measurements discourage you.

I found myself caught up in the numbers game a few months back. I was disappointed that my followers were not increasing after I posted something. Then I caught myself. I had been looking at the numbers day after day and letting those numbers determine my mood while blogging. I decided that if a number is bringing me discouragement instead of encouragement, then I need to let it go. I removed the number from my sidebar and have felt relieved ever since. I actually like my little Teaching with TLC blog. I call it my country blog where I can go and relax while sipping sweet tea and TBA is definitely the city blog where I have to be on my toes at all hours and drinking lots of coffee to keep up.

Just a quick sidenote, keep in mind that the numbers can also disappear at any given moment. I have seen one of my favorite blogs, which was a high-traffic blog and five years old, recently closed down by Blogger due to circumstances the blog owner could not control. I've also read about a Facebook page that had tens of thousands of followers that was closed down last month because the blogger broke a new Facebook rule that the blogger never even knew existed.

I have poured years into blogging but I realize that if my blogs closed down tomorrow, I am content knowing that I made a small contribution to transforming education (not building numbers that can be gone in an instant).

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and I hope this encourages some of you to keep on following your desire to share. You are making a difference.

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